Marijuana trafficking lands grade 11 pupil in prison

Judge Mallet; Hammer
Judge Mallet; Hammer

A GRADE eleven Lusaka pupil has been jailed to18 months with hard labour for trafficking in marijuana.

Nevelly Phiri aged 21 stunned the Lusaka Magistrate when he uncontrollably burst into crying a few minutes after the Court pronounced the verdict.

The convict who readily admitted the offence was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment by the Lusaka acting Chief Resident Aridah Chulu.

Phiri was found in possession of 15 balls of marijuana substance by Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) and when questioned he said he got the drugs from the infamous Chibolya compound.

“Where did you get the drug that was confiscated from you by law enforcement officers? Your honour, I got them from Chibolya, for what? I wanted to take to my friends so that we can smoke,” he said.

Acting chief resident magistrate Aridah said she imposed a custodial sentence in a bid to make him desist from drugs.

“You see you are even failing to express yourself, am asking you a simple question what you wanted to do with the drugs, let this custodial sentences teach you a lesson I hope you will reform,” she said.

He cried in mitigation saying he was a pupil who needed to be given enough time to reform and complete his education.

“Unfortunately, you did not take into consideration the consequences of your actions, you need to be confined in custody so that you can stay away from the drugs and hope you will reform by the time you come out,” she said.