Government change will cause political instability-Kambwili

Chief Government Spokesperson Chishimba Kambwili
Chief Government Spokesperson Chishimba Kambwili

CHISHIMBA Kambwili says change of governments every five years will cause political instability in the country. And Kambwili, the chief government spokesperson and information minister, has insisted that only Jesus Christ can solve the current energy crisis in Zambia. Speaking on Radio Phoenix’s Let the People Talk programme yesterday, Kambwili said it was not safe to change government every five years, especially when the ruling party like the PF had not failed. “If you are going to change governments every after five years like some tribal pundits are urging the people of Zambia even when the PF has not failed, the country will degenerate into what is known as political instability and once the country goes into political instability, it means that no investor will come and invest in this country.


Investors only invest in countries where they are sure of their returns and in a country where there is political instability, there will be inconsistency of policies; there will be different policies, there will be shift in direction and policy. As a result of that, their investment will not give them a return,” he said. Kambwili also accused Radio Phoenix of planting UPND members to call in during the programme. “You have planted people from UPND to ask questions. As government, we know more because we have the OP [Office of the President] on our side,” he said. And Kambwili said no one in PF had superhuman powers to fix the energy crisis overnight. “We are not perfect, we are not superhuman. I have said it before, although I was misquoted when I said only Jesus Christ can change the power deficit overnight; the riding word there was ‘overnight’ but people started abusing me in the newspapers saying ‘Kambwili says only Jesus Christ can change the energy situation in Zambia’. That is a fact and I still stick to it even today; nobody can do it overnight except Jesus Christ the Son of God,” he said. Kambwili admitted that the PF had also made mistakes in its governance over mining policies. “We have not done everything well because we are not supernatural, we can error [sic], we can make mistakes for instance; we introduced taxes at 20 per cent for open-pit mining and the mining companies cried foul, they said with 20 per cent, we cannot break even. We had to go and renegotiate with the mining companies and to avoid the loss of jobs in the mining companies, we agreed that I think we can negotiate and we reduced that to nine per cent. That is one where I can say we didn’t do very well and we accept because we are not supernatural. But some people are painting a picture that they can do things supernatural, too much of being yourself is bad,” said Kambwili.