Recipients of leaked Presidential speech to be prosecuted

Her Honour Mrs Inonge Wina, Vice-President of the Republic of Zambia
Her Honour Mrs Inonge Wina, Vice-President of the Republic of Zambia

Vice President Inonge Wina says security and investigative wings have launched investigations into the leakage of the Presidential speech to the fifth session of the eleventh National Assembly.
Ms Wina has told Parliament in a ministerial statement that the outcome of the investigations will be revealed to the nation in due course.
She says the leakage of classified information in government institutions is of grave concern and sadVeep Winadening, adding that the leakage of the presidential speech was a very unfortunate occurrence.


She says the State Security Act clearly stipulates that it is the duty of Permanent Secretaries and Chief Executives to ensure that the contents of the State Security Act are brought to the attention of all public officers under their charge.
Ms Wina states that the provisions of the Act make it a clear offence to leak information and attracts a jail term of not less than 15 years but not exceeding 25 years.
She says it is regrettable to note that there are some officers who are not adhering to standard operating guidelines regulating the flow of information.
The Vice President notes that this non adherence to guidelines explains the leakage of classified information to unauthorized parties.
She has since warned those in the habit of passing on classified documents to unauthorized parties that their actions will not be taken lightly and that serious remedial action will be taken against any erring officer.
Ms Wina has also warned the recipients of leaked documents that they are not immune from prosecution if found wanting in accordance with the provisions of the State Security Act.



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