Magicians are on the loose, duping people with miracles – Banda

Pastor preacher

SOME magicians are on the loose, duping people with tricks on the pretext of performing prophetic miracles, says bishop Humphrey Banda.

In an interview, bishop Banda, of Holy Sea International Ministries in Lusaka, said high poverty levels were forcing people to use the Church in order to make money from desperate victims.

“There is a difference between a prophet and a profiteer, what is happening now is that those people that were magicians moving in schools and performing their magic have now run to the church to perform their magic in the name of miracles. I think now it’s just hunger driving these people to feed on the ignorance of people who don’t know their bible,” bishop Banda said.


“The truth is, the Church which is standing upon the Word of God, which is founded upon Christ must face other opposing factors. So those are the people that are trying to counterfeit the work of the holy spirit, they are trying to counterfeit the apostles and the true worshipers of God, those are counterfeits.”

He said people were seeking unconventional ways of making money by selling ‘anointing’ oil and underwear, further advising the public to beware of false prophets.

“Because of hunger, people are seeking unconventional means to make money, you have people selling ‘anointing’ oil and all those things. The Word of God is so straight that in the latter days, some people shall depart from the face of God and they will follow such demonic things,” said bishop Banda.

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