Court adjourns Ronnie, Chimba corruption case

Ronnie Shikapwasha
Ronnie Shikapwasha

THE corruption case involving former information minister Lieutenant General Ronnie Shikapwasha and two others has been adjourned to November 12 for setting of new trial dates.

In this matter, Lt Gen Shikapwasha, former information permanent secretary Dr Sam Phiri and freelance journalist Chanda Chimba are jointly charged with abuse of authority of office when they facilitated the airing of Stand Up for Zambia television documentaries using public funds.

The matter came up before principal resident magistrate Kenneth Mulife yesterday but Chimba’s lawyer, Major Charles Lisita, indicated that his client was unwell.

Magistrate Mulife said since magistrate Obbister Musukwa, who was handling the matter, was not available, new trial dates had to be set.

Magistrate Mulife then moved the case to November 12 for setting of new trial dates.

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