Zim Minister distribute sex pills at a rally

Minister Nyasha Chikwinya

WOMEN Affairs minister Nyasha Chikwinya last Saturday brewed a shocker as she distributed sex-enhancing tablets at a Zanu PF campaign rally in Gokwe-Nembudziya, where she emphasised on increased “sexual activity” among couples.


Chikwinya, who was the guest of honour at the rally, ordered youths to leave the meeting after her address and started distributing the pills to elderly men and women.

“I want all youths to leave. What I want to say now is an issue for the elders,” she said.

After giving them instructions for use, Chikwinya started distributing the blue pills with the help of Gokwe-Nembudziya MP Justice Mayor Wadyajena.

The pills proved quite popular, with virtually all the men stampeding to get at least one of the libido-enhancing tablets.

Others could be seen begging Wadyajena for more of the pills and pleading with him that when he returned, he should bring more.

While Chikwinya and Wadyajena freely distributed the drugs, investigations revealed that pharmacies need a prescription before dispensing the pill sold under the brand name Sildanefil.

A pharmacist also pointed out that in most cases, the drug was readily available on the black market, but warned that it could have nasty side effects and advised doctors’ prescription before taking the blue pill.

It could not be ascertained where Chikwinya got the drug.

Chikwinya, in her address, warned men to stop abusing women and girls, saying they would rot in jail.

“We will not hesitate to deal with those who find pleasure in abusing young girls. That should change and I am not going to tolerate it,” she said.

Chikwinya also spoke about various income-generating projects to help uplift the lives of rural women.

“All those who abuse women deserve to be in jail. The MP (Wadyajena) told me that some women here do not have passports, l will have them out even in one day. You cannot be a modern woman without a passport and yet you are saying you want to start businesses,” she said.

The previous day, Chikwinya had addressed a reception for visiting United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) deputy director and assistant secretary-general of the UN Kate Gilmore, who expressed disgust at men who abused young girls.

Gilmore said she would assist Zimbabwe on maternal health issues.

“Over the next programme cycle, UNFPA Zimbabwe will strengthen its focus on development using a rights-centred approach around pregnant women, young girls and other vulnerable populations in Zimbabwe,” she said.

“What I have seen and heard has touched and inspired me greatly. Zimbabwe is a young country, doing great things.

“I have deep respect for the young professionals working with UNFPA and elsewhere in government and the City of Harare, who give me a sense of assurance that the support from UNFPA is making a difference in the lives of women, adolescents and children.”