Lusaka couple divorce over birthday card

Divorce Court

A WOMAN of Lusaka’s Chunga Township has sued her husband for divorce after finding a birthday card from his girlfriend on his birthday.
Roydah Masense, 36, said her husband had also been accusing her of using charms to make him love her more.
This was a case in which Roydah sued Abraham Masense, 40, for divorce after the two failed to resolve their marital disputes.
The court heard that the two got married in 2000 and have two children, while problems in their marriage started when Roydah conceived their first child.

Roydah said when she returned from her parents’ place after giving birth to their first child, her husband’s attitude towards her started changing.
She said he started spending nights out and stopped eating the food she prepared for him, accusing her of putting charms there.
Roydah said he even stopped supporting the family, arguing that she conceived to trap him as he was not ready to be a father.
She further stated that her husband insulted her in front of the children for no apparent reasons.
“I am tired of my husband because he is very unfaithful and as if that is not enough, he insults me at will,” she said.
And Abraham told the court that he was cheating on Roydah as he never regarded her as his wife.
He said his wife had lost respect for him and used to insult him whenever she wanted, hence her insults and continuous nagging pushed him into the hands of another woman.
Abraham said he had discovered lately that his wife had been buying properties without his knowledge.
“It is my wife who pushed me into the hands of another woman due to her persistent nagging and insults,” he said.
Magistrate Pauline Newa granted the two divorce and ordered Abraham to compensate Roydah with K10,000.
The custody of their children was given to Roydah while Abraham was ordered to be maintaining them with K400 per month.