Economic hardships sending people to the grave early – Bishop Mambo

Bishop John Mambo
Bishop John Mambo

Former Church of God Overseer Bishop John Mambo has charged economic hardships in the country are sending the poor people to the grave early.
Bishop Mambo says the Bishop Mambocost of living is unbearable for the poor Zambians who are the majority.
He states that the poor in the country are becoming poorer while the rich are getting richer.
Bishop Mambo says the sooner the Zambian people realize that those in leadership are their servants and not their masters, will they begin to demand that they are served and accorded decent livelihoods.


He says the people of Zambia out of their good will voted for the Patriotic Front hoping for things to change but that things have not worked out for the people.
Bishop Mambo states that the PF’s arrogance and lack of respect for others is what has contributed to the economic situation the country has found itself in.
He has called on the government relooks at its priorities and find ways of improving the lives of the people.