Pilato releases new album, “THE FORSAKEN PROPHECY”

Chama Fumba , Pilato
Chama Fumba alias Pilato - Photo credit Zambia Daily Mail

Popular Zambian artist, Pilato had released another album dubbed, “THE FORSAKEN PROPHECY”.

Below, he talks about his journey  working on the album.

First song was recorded last year in February at ALPHA ENTERTAINMENTS by MR. Dice….I got to the studio a little early and surprisingly Mr. Dice was already there working on some cool song by COZIEM. When he was done I asked if I could drive him around mu town and get him a Shawarma pali ba Pastor….. he loves Shawarma nachi Dragon so he agreed and we drove around. In the car I started explaining to him the idea I had and emotions attached to it and what I wanted to communicate in the idea…. before I bought him the Shawarma he said lets do this…. we can eat later. We got back and started the journey.
The Last song was recorded this here at BY THE WAY RECORDS, on a Monday I woke up a little late and found a missed call from The Black Belt Master Rasta DRAF X…. I called him he didn’t pick my call so I drove to the studio to shout at him. I got there and learnt that he was still at school. … he is studying ifyama TELECOMS shani shani uko. So I sat in the studio and started listening to random songs then BIG MOZE arrived and later DRAF walked in too. After bapepapo chi PETER I started sharing my idea to the two. I explained the emotions attached to the idea and before I knew BIG MOZE was making some good sound with his guitars. After an hour of listening to random guitar playing… I had my idea clearly communicated and we started recording. After recording the first instrument…. we were loadshedded. I was so broken. I went home so defeated and was so injured deeply. After 2 days DRAF X bought a GENSET and we were on course…..we recorded CHALO CHANDOSHI.
Last year we were very privileged, CONVERSE SOUTH AFRICA sponsored a trip and recording with AFRICA’s HIP HOP king HHP. My management did the best they could and we did record TONDOLO. Special thanks to CONVERSE SA snd RESPECT MUSIC SA.
Frank ZEE of So good entertainment… a highly talented and humble guy. He is so humble that he forgot to put his logos in the songs he did.
ZUKA of CLASSIC RECORDS pa KABWE, simple by looking…. very young yet so skilled and technical.
MR. DICE aka Ba Chombix of Alpha Entertainment a very humble young man…. he loves Shawarma too.
DRAF X of By the Way records…. umujahman highly creative and so adventurous with his mind.
BASKA BASKA of GODDYSAURUS number one Selecta very detailed and so passionate with sound and music in general.
SILENT E of GOEMI RECORDS…… he is not just creative and Talented he is funny too. Very insightful and so confident. He only plays whats relevant and ever on point.
SEBASTIEN DUTCH: sometimes humble…. sometimes he is a good dancer….. sometimes he loses his temper…. BUT he is always on point and always committed to work.
Yaba sorry fyafula