Married Woman Caught Having Sex With Relative At Funeral

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Mourners in Domboshawa, Zimbabwe, attacked a married woman after they caught her allegedly having sex with her husband Luckson Manondo’s cousin.

Janet Kamuchirondo, 21, diverted her route to the funeral and spent the whole night with married Bruce Nzara who had chased away his wife.

They were exposed by Standreck Manondo, Luckson’s younger brother, after Janet turned down his advances.

Janet confirmed spending the night with Bruce, who left her at the mourners’ mercy as they took turns to beat her up after she was caught hiding in the wardrobe.

One of the mourners said Janet was nearly burnt after Bruce’s wife threatened to set the house on fire.

Janet said she is prepared to pack her belongings on condition her in-laws give her bus fare since Luckson deserted her.