Zambian Grade 12 pupil rapes a Zimbabwean woman

Police arrest handcuffs arrested jail
Police arrest handcuffs

POLICE in Siavonga have arrested a 22-year-old grade twelve pupil of Siavonga Secondary School for allegedly raping a Zimbabwean woman.

Wynter Ndenge, who is also a part-time security guard at Tika’s Walk-in Guest House, was arrested on Wednesday.

Police sources and district commissioner Lovemore Kanyama confirmed the incident which happened around 01:00 hours at Tika’s Walk-in Guest House.

“We have arrested a grade twelve pupil of Siavonga Secondary School for allegedly raping a Zimbabwean woman. The incident happened in the early hours of [Wednesday] at Tika’s Guest House. Telling you how it happened, I think it’s not possible now because the matter is under investigation,” a source said.

But Ndenge denied raping the woman.

“What happened was that I was on duty when the woman came at the guesthouse to look for accommodation with 10 other people. She booked two rooms for herself and the rest of the people. She didn’t want to sleep in the room because it was too hot inside. So she decided to sleep in her vehicle and that was around 23:00 hours. Now around 00:00 hours [midnight], she woke up and came to the reception where I sat. She asked me if I could allow her to sleep at the reception where it was a bit cool. I refused but she insisted and that’s how I allowed her. But around 01:00 hours, she accused me of raping her saying she heard me touching her,” he explained. “So she went to police to report me and that’s how I was arrested but before that, she, together with her friends, beat me using a stick for things I didn’t commit.”

And Kanyama said Ndenge was released on police bond to allow him to sit examinations.

Ndenge wrote Mathematics Paper One examination on Wednesday morning while a police officer waited for him to be taken back into custody.

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