Zesco assures Shangombo, Lukulu of power

Zesco Power lines
Zesco Power lines

ZESCO says it is committed to servicing Shangombo and Lukulu districts on diesel-powered generators, contrary to suggestions that the power utility company has neglected the two rural districts.
Zesco spokesperson Henry Kapata said it is incorrect to suggest that the company has neglected the people of Lukulu and Shangombo as alleged by some sections of society.
Electricity in the two districts is generated from diesel-propelled generators run by Zesco.
Mr Kapata said in an interview on Monday that Zesco, however, accepts criticism and that it should also be given a platform to explain some perceived failures and challenges.
He explained that the customer base for Shangombo is 279 customers who are using an average of 800 litres of diesel per day while Lukulu has a customer base of 1,070 who are using an average of 2,700 litres of diesel per day.


Mr Kapata said this entails Zesco supplying about 24,000 and 81,000 litres of diesel per month to Shangombo and Lukulu, respectively, and that the customers have power from 06:00 hours to midnight in both districts.
“The provision of electricity in the two districts is more like corporate social responsibility. It is not a 50-50 situation in business terms. This in itself means [Zesco is] caring for the people of Shangombo and Lukulu,” he said.
And Mr Kapata said Lukulu will be one of the beneficiaries of a major project that Zesco has embarked on to connect North-Western Province to the national electricity grid.
“This is besides Lukulu being part of Western Province. It is therefore important for people to do some research before making alarming statements,” he said.