Perform so that you are re-elected, Lungu tells ministers

President Lungu
President Lungu

President Edgar Lungu has sworn in three ministers following the creation of new ministries.
The ministers that were sworn in at State House yesterday are Kapembwe Simbao for Transport and Communications, Stephen Kampyongo for Local Government and Housing and Greyford Monde for Livestock and Fisheries while Lawrence Sichalwe was also sworn in as Deputy Minister in the Office of the Vice President.
And speaking after the ministers took oath, President Lungu urged them to put people’s interests before their own.
The President said leadership and power are only meaningful if they are used to serve people without whom there would be no leadership.
President Lungu said the performance of the ministers will determine whether or not they will be re-elected next year by the people they are expected to serve.


Mr. Lungu said he was only personally confident that he will be re-elected next year but that it was up to the people to determine who will be chosen along with him.
He said it was important for leaders to listen to people’s advice because there was no single person who held the monopoly of wisdom.
President Lungu said power lies with people and without listening to them, leaders were bound to fail adding that getting the public’s views was not a sign of weakness.
He said as President, he was supposed to listen to everyone including the opposition political parties because he was a leader for everyone.
President Lungu said leaders should not be ashamed to apologise when there was a change of course because dynamics will sometimes dictate that government takes measures that will change the route which people may question.
He said people who think they can become presidents because they have knowledge will never rule the country because leadership comes through the will of the people.
And speaking in an interview with journalists, Mr. Kampyongo said he has prioritised making local councils become more effective.
He said he will replace all inefficient personnel in local authorities.
The Local Government Minister also said he will not tolerate corruption which he said has become rampant in councils especially with regards to land allocation.
He further said he will ensure that the ‘Keep Zambia Clean campaign’ becomes a reality with the local authorities playing a leading role in the programme.
And Mr. Monde said he will ensure that Zambia becomes a leading exporter of beef and fish because the country has potential to do so.