Male prostitute in court for attempted sodomy

Lusaka High Court

A 27 year –old Mongu District resident  has been dragged to court  for allegedly attempting sodomise his taxi driver  contrary to the laws of Zambia.


This is the case in which male Hatsh Brail, 27, of St. Johns residential area,  who on the date unknown but between 23 and September 2015 whilst in Mongu District, did disguise himself as  a female when in fact not.


The ‘ female ‘ allegedly enticed Abraham Chilemu 19 of Sambaka village in Chief Mwetele of Imwiko residential area stage one (1) a driver to have unnatural sex with him.


Testifying before Mongu Magistrate Derrick Chingumbe, Chilemu disclosed that whilst operating with his taxi in Mongu main town Centre around 02:00hours he saw the “ female “Brail dressed  in women clothes and instantly  fell in love.


The plaintiff told the court that he took the alleged female to his home for sex in Imwiko Compound after a few beers at a nearby night club.


Upon reaching home , the so called woman was asked to  undress but  ‘ she ‘ hesitated but later asked him to switch off the lights before ‘ she ‘ could take off the clothes.


He revealed to the court that whilst in the act he discovered that his lover was not a woman after noticed some mannish features on ‘ her” body.



The complainant has further disclosed that upon seeing that he towed Brail to his Aunt for reinforcement and later reported the case to Police.


And the court has ordered Brail to remain in the lawful custody until he meets bail requirements  application condition.


Meanwhile the case has been adjourned to the 14thSeptember 2015 for continued trials.