Row over Photo of Zambian musician

Kachanana Simate
Kachanana Simate

A Zambian musician has caused a lot of controversy with her publicity for her latest song Sexy Body.

Kachanana Simate is pictured wearing a bikini and this has upset a lot of people in what is a conservative society.

She has defended her appearance by saying she simply wanted to express herself, while acknowledging that “sex sells”.

Ms Simate told the BBC’s Meluse Kapatamoyo in Zambia that she thought some of the criticism was because she was “a dark-skinned girl proud enough to put on a bikini”.

She added that she was not there to be a role model and was “just an artist”.

Photo Credit – Tahilla Photography



  1. i dont think this gal is beautiful. she may be sexy but falls short…she should just behave herself.