Choma man arrested for smashing the Post delivery van

Police arrest handcuffs arrested jail
Police arrest handcuffs

POLICE in Choma have arrested a man and charged him with the offence of malicious damage to property following an incident in which he smashed the windscreen of a Post Newspaper delivery van that was taking newspapers to Livingstone in the early hours of Sunday.
The incident occurred in Choma between 03:30 and 04:00hrs. According to police sources, the man, who has since been detained by police, had allegedly attempted to abduct two women whom he offered a lift in his car.
When the two women noticed that he was allegedly drunk and disorderly, they managed to convince him to stop and they got out of the car.


They ran to the road side and started to hitch-hike for a vehicle to rescue them. It was at this point that an approaching Post Newspaper delivery van stopped to give the two women a lift.
When the alleged drunken driver of the other vehicle noticed that the women were being given a lift, he smashed the windscreen of the van in a bid to prevent the other driver from helping them.
Fortunately, the driver of the newspaper van managed to take down the details of the car driven by the assailant. Police used these details and later on managed to apprehend the man during the course of the day.
He has since been charged with malicious damage to property and assault.



  1. I thought he’s supposed to be awarded for trying to stop propanganda of hate and lies from spreading