Mealie Meal Prices hiked by K15

Superior Milling mealie meal
mealie meal

Millers have resolved to increase the price of Mealie Meal by 10 and 15 Kwacha on a 25 Kilogram bag effective this week.


Millers Association of Zambia President Allan Sakala says the increment is due to high production costs as a result of load shedding.


Mr Sakala has also attributed the increase of the country’s staple food to the high demand of maize on the market due to exports.


Mr Sakala has since asked government to ban the export of Maize as people are now exporting the commodity and not selling to local millers.


He has also asked government to ban individuals from exporting Maize and leave it to the Food Reserve Agency FRA.


Mr Sakala was speaking at a media briefing in Lusaka.



  1. Today its high demand in export and govrt sud ban,..u pipo u dnt appreciate,last year it was a song that farmers ar nt paid and u increase the food price bt govrt subsidiesd 4 u ozo u didnt reduce the price.

  2. It should have gone to K 250 per 25 kg. This would have pumped sense into voterz for 2016. Even K300 will do.

    • Waumfwa bwino when things go bad ba opposition you rejoice especially ba UPND. Your time will come if at all it ll. We ll see how Zambia ll be turned into a paradise kaili you know how to rule you can make a super president. You ll dance bane!

    • Thats not a problem. What ll HH do honestly how is he going to change anything. I am not saying he is a bad person but you people make many others hate him. You are too ……….you know what i mean it is not good. You brought regionalism this ll bring trouble in this country in a near future.

    • What mentality are you talking about? What mentality are you talking about? Answer me my dear people with this mentality are known country wide. Voting wisely to you is when you vote for HH anybody who ll not vote for him is ignorant and a fool. So who has a wierd mentality?

    • your mentality that tongas are tribalists…That’s what am talking about…you can’t see or think beyond that…

    • You started it how else can anybody look at it? Just look at comments about politics look at the majority who oppose see for yourself where they are from. Look at what they say about Lungu they do not have any good words to say about him. To them he has never done anything good since he became president. What ever he says or do in so far as they are concerned is non of their business. Only what HH says is what makes sense,surely what can one from other parts of the country say or conclude?

    • you are the one who started talking about regionalism now you want to act innocent…don’t blame others when you are challenged…all your statements are showing your mentality

    • i end here you keep talking you never get tired and no one can defeat you. You are a champion my love.

  3. This man seems not 2 know tht this is a free market economy. Where were th millers when I was farming my maize. Did I grow it 2 satisfy thr needs when I can sale it where it fatches more?
    If th millers r paying migre cash, why force me 2 sale 2 them?
    You tell the millers 2 pay handsomely and we shall sale 2 thm.

    You want 2 determine who I sale my maize 2
    instead of you 2 determine your copper priceses and who your sale it.

  4. K10 – k15 kwacha is too little,it should have bn 50 to 100 so that you start grazing grass with kambwili’s goats in Luanshya. Meanwhile i ve 80 * 90 bags of maize for the family of four and have already bought 20 bags of fertilizers for 2015 and 2016 farming season.

  5. Just that little, why not atleast by K25 or 35? Lesson learnt go and register as voters and vote wisely in 2016. For now this is just okay

  6. FRA they dnt pay us in time,u sakala sale urs to u knw how it cost to be a farmer

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