Married woman dates 27 boyfriends, aborts 8 pregnancies

Judge Mallet; Hammer
Judge Mallet; Hammer


A Zimbabwe woman reportedly slept with 27 boyfriends and terminated eight pregnancies during five years of her marriage, the Civil Court has heard.

Silas Ngwenya claimed he was having marital problems with Rudo Matonhodze because of her bed-hopping.

Ngwenya had been taken to court by Matonhodze who was seeking custody of their two children.

“I decided to leave our matrimonial home because he was in the habit of physically and verbally abusing me,” she said.


Matonhodze told magistrate Mrs Babra Mateko that Ngwenya was refusing to give her custody of their two minor children.

“I want custody of our two children because they are still minors and require motherly love and attention. The respondent is unable to ensure that the children’s daily needs are met,” said Matonhodze.

Matonhodze also told the court that she was the legal custodian of the children as their natural mother.

“I am currently staying with my parents and this is a favourable environment for the children,” she said.

Ngwenya claimed Matonhodze was not a fit and proper person to have custody of the children saying she was emotionally unstable and suicidal.
“She left our matrimonial home after confessing to have aborted eight pregnancies and having 27 boyfriends from the time we got married,” he said.

Mrs Mateko granted the application in Matonhodze’s favour and ordered Ngwenya to give her the two minor children.

Ngwenya earlier this week took Matonhodze to the same court accusing her of screaming her lover’s name whenever she had sex with him.

In that case, Ngwenya was seeking a protection order against Matonhodze whom he accused of breaching his peace.

“My wife is having an extra- marital affair and each time we are being intimate she shouts her boyfriend’s names,” he said.

Ngwenya told Mrs Mateko that Matonhodze was very violent and once attempted to scald him with cooking oil.

“She is in the habit of locking the children in the house whenever she wants to go to her boyfriend,” he said.

Ngwenya pleaded with Mrs Mateko to grant his application saying he was tired of being abused by Matonhodze.

Matonhodze denied the allegations.

“He is in the habit of burning my legs with candles each time we have a misunderstanding and I have scars all over my legs as a result of that,” she said.