He made me drink Castle lager before defiling me, says 11 year old girl

Judge Mallet; Hammer
Judge Mallet; Hammer

AN 11-YEAR-OLD girl has told the Livingstone Magistrate’s Court that her alleged defiler made her drink Castle lager before he had carnal knowledge of her.
The girl told the court that the alleged defiler, Zachariah Muwowo, 40, who had earlier picked her from home, locked her in his car after she drank beer, and returned later to defile her.
This is in a matter where Muwowo, who is charged with defilement, contrary to the laws of Zambia, was appearing before magistrate Benjamin Mwelwa.
The juvenile testified to the court that on July 29, 2015, at about 19:00 hours, she was outside the house playing with a friend and her two siblings, when Muwowo went to their house to buy airtime.
“We told him that we didn’t have talktime, and my friend directed him to another place where he could buy talktime,” she said.
The juvenile told the court that Muwowo then asked her and her friend to escort him.
The victim told the court that she got on the accused’s vehicle together with her friend, who sat at the back, whilst she took the front seat.
She said when they reached the place where they were going, Muwowo sent her friend to go and buy airtime.


And after that, the accused started driving in a different direction, prompting the girls to ask him to take them home, but he did not do so.
She said Muwowo did not respond but drove quietly until they reached a bar on airport road. He disembarked to go and fetch some beers, leaving the two girls locked in his car.
The victim explained that the accused later returned with two bottles of Castle lager and gave them a bottle each.
The victim told the court that she had never tasted alcohol before, therefore, she only managed to drink half of it and so did her friend.
She further narrated that the accused locked them inside the vehicle again, while he went back to the bar. He later drove the girls to his house, and at this point the victim tried to open the front door of the car but failed. She asked her friend to open the back door and she managed to break free.
“I requested her to open for me as well, but she failed. So I moved to the back sit so that I could drop off, but Mr Muwowo drove off to Guinea Fowl Street, where he parked the car and came to the back seat where I was,” she said.
The victim told the court that the accused undressed her and also removed his clothes and had sex with her in the car.
“After he slept with me, he told me not to tell anyone or he would deal with me,” she said.



  1. This chap has no mercy. The girl is as little as his daughter. He’s 29 years older than this poor girl! Let the law take its course