President asks church to help in healing “open wounds” among politicians


PRESIDENT Lungu has implored the United Church of Zambia (UCZ) to lead the way in reconciling and healing “open wounds” among politicians to eliminate hatred and bitterness in the country.
President Lungu said there is a lot of hatred, bitterness, contempt and envy in Zambia, especially among opposition politicians and a newspaper.
He said it is disappointing that some church leaders have also joined what he termed as the devil’s crusade of hate and malice.
Mr Lungu said bitterness and malice are offshoots of lack of forgiveness and that they should not be part of Zambia’s political dispensation.
President Lungu said this on Saturday in a speech read for him by minister of Local Government and Housing John Phiri during a UCZ Luanshya town congregation presidential luncheon held to raise funds for the construction of a Cathedral in Luanshya.
“There is so much hate, bitterness, contempt and envy in Zambia, particularly among politicians and a known newspaper. We are a Christian country. I pray that the UCZ will lead the way in reconciling our leaders and healing the open wounds among our leaders,” President Lungu said.


He said hate, bitterness and envy are vices that should not have a place in Zambia.
President Lungu said the luncheon cemented the already strong bond of co-existence between the church and its sheep in political dispensation.
“In 1991, Zambia was declared a Christian nation. This pronouncement has in no way inhibited other faiths to be upheld but the declaration provides a solid Jehovah-anchored platform on which Zambia must build her social and economic development. In a Christian nation, all of us should strive to attain spiritual growth that will reflect citizens who fear God.
“Humility, hard work, resilience, generosity and discipline are characteristics of nationals of a Christian nation. These are ingredients of a people marching towards prosperity,” Mr Lungu said.
He said his call for a day of national prayer and fasting for reconciliation and forgiveness during his official opening of the fifth session of the 11th National Assembly on September 18, demonstrates his unwavering commitment towards the promotion of love and peace among citizens.
UCZ Luanshya town Congregation minister-in-charge Bishop Patrice Siyemeto thanked Government for the support.
Luanshya district commissioner Harold Mbaulu and Kitwe town clerk Bornwell Luanga were among the people who attended the luncheon.