My wife changed after she started attending kitchen parties


THE Kabushi local court has heard how a Ndola housewife changed after she started attending kitchen parties.
Sidney Musonda of Lubuto Township told the Kabushi local court that his wife, Ethel Suze, changed and turned against him when she started going for Kitchen parties.
Musonda said his wife even started drinking beer and started visiting some traditional healers.
But Suze said her husband caused a lot of misunderstandings in the marriage and wanted the court to dissolve the marriage.
She said when they got married in 2005, everything was well but the problems started in 2008 when she fell pregnant.
Suze said the husband did not want a second child because he was still too young to have another child.
In the process, she started work and used to earn more money than him and they opened an account where they used to save the money.
She said the money accumulated to K35,000 and to her surprise when she went to check she did not find any money in the account.
The court granted divorce to the couple and Musonda was asked to compensate Suze K5,000 to be paid in monthly installments with the first payment of K600 and thereafter K250 monthly.