Mother-in law said I would be accountable if my husband died

Judge Mallet; Hammer
Judge Mallet; Hammer

A KITWE woman has sued her mother-in-law for marriage interference, saying she is the cause of the problems in her home.
Milika Nalungwe was in the Garneton Local Court where she had sued her mother-in-law Rachael Banda for marriage interference.
Nalungwe told senior magistrate Fredrick Ndhlovu that Banda was behind all the marital problems she was experiencing in her home.


“When my husband was ill, Banda came to visit and warned me that I will be held accountable if he died. She also warned me that she will not allow me to attend the funeral because I am a heartless wife,” Nalungwe said.

She said Banda has never liked her as a daughter-in-law and has she always accused her of being disrespectful. Nalungwe said Banda had failed to recognise her as a daughter-in-law, saying there was no marriage.
But in her statement, Banda told the court that Nalungwe committed adultery whilst her husband was ill. She said Nalungwe had no respect for her and other family members and that was the reason the defendant disliked her.
Passing judgment, the court reprimanded Nalungwe for suing her mother-in-law when the issue could have been resolved by elders from both families.
The court dismissed the suit and called for reconciliation between the plaintiff and the defendant.