Magistrate to pay K3,000 as compensation for virginity damage

Judge Mallet; Hammer
Judge Mallet; Hammer

A 39-YEAR-OLD Chilubi Island Local Court magistrate has been charged with a case of deflowering and impregnating a 26-year-old woman.
Sydney Daka was sued by Arnold Chakulya. Daka has a child with Chakulya’s 26-year-old daughter, Mumba, whom he impregnated in Mansa in 2013.
The court heard that Daka and Mumba were in a relationship in 2013, which resulted in pregnancy. However, after Mumba fell pregnant, Daka decided to play hide-and-seek with her parents for fear of being charged for damage.
Chakulya told local court magistrates, Nightson Mofya and Phillip Kabunda, that the plaintiff’s family decided to sue Daka in March this year so that he can take up his responsibilities as a father.


“Unfortunately, he never appeared in court on the stated date. Daka was apprehended by chance when he came to the Provincial Local Courts office because the officers had been directed to do so any time he came here. He needs to answer to these charges, especially that he is a local court magistrate who understands and enforces the law,” Chakulya said.
Daka, who admitted the charge, failed to defend his behaviour. However, he told the court that he will commit to paying the money as demanded by Mumba’s parents.
Passing judgment, the court expressed disappointment with Daka’s behaviour and ordered that the defendant pays K3,000 to Chakulya as compensation for virginity damage in monthly instalments of K200 starting September month-end.
The court regretted that a man of his standing could disregarding the same laws he enforces.