Lungu pleads with Zambians abroad to bring their dollars

million dollars

President Lungu says Zambia is ready to make difficult decisions to get out of the current economic situation and has asked Zambians abroad to bring their dollars, ideas and skills back home to help save the economy.
Meanwhile, President Lungu’s PF-branded hat has been auctioned for $10,000.
Speaking when he addressed Zambians living in the United States at a VIP Country Club in New York on Friday during the “Meet the President dinner”, President Lungu said God is with Zambians and that the national day of prayer and fasting scheduled for next month will proceed as planned despite some branding it an evil undertaking.
He also asked Zambians in the Diaspora to join in praying for the nation’s welfare.
“Lastly, I ask you to join the rest of the Zambians at home and abroad to pray and fast for the country on the 18th of October, 2015. God will answer our prayers. And I know that in this respect, the devil is at work because the devil never ever wants children of God to see what God has promised,” President Lungu said.


“Some mischievous person has gone round saying the 18th of October is not an appropriate date for us to go before God because he says triple six comes to 18 and I said that’s the devil at work because the devil is a liar. If you give him space, he will keep bringing you backwards and I know that when things are getting better, the devil puts himself into top gear ad I know Zambians know better. We are a Christian nation not by accident but by God’s intention. I cannot say more than to say God is with us, let us always ask for the grace of God in whatever we do.”
He also advocated dual citizenship, saying Zambia needed citizens living in the Diaspora to help improve the economy.


  1. He’s got no mercy,he wantz 2 eat their money as well.Shame hw much do u want,u’ve eaten all the monies in zed nw u want dollaz in the U.S.