Special assistant for corruption- Kaizer Zulu - Photo Credit zambianwatchdog.com
Kaizer Zulu - Photo Credit zambianwatchdog.com

The events of the last 48 Hours leading up to the arrest and charging of State House official Kaizer Zulu has confirmed what we have always suspected that the cartel that was responsible for decimating the Michael Sata presidency is still alive and truly kicking.
Our investigations as MMD youths have shown that the same cartel masterminded the arrest of Mr Zulu in an attempt to strip the presidency.
We know that by attacking Mr Zulu, the cartel members will be exposing President Lungu to ridicule and disrepute.
We also know that the real target is not Mr Zulu but President Lungu himself.
As young leaders, we appreciate the manner and resilience that Mr Zulu has exhibited in all portfolios and responsibilities assigned to him.
During late Mr Sata’s ascendancy to power, Mr Zulu proved beyond any doubt that he was a reliable lieutenant.
When some PF members vehemently opposed Mr Lungu’s candidature, Mr Zulu stood by him and protected his name until he was elected Republican President, again proving that he was indeed a reliable lieutenant.
It therefore baffles us when some known enemies of Mr Zulu wish to throw mud at him by insinuating that his arrest has brought the Office of the President into disrepute.
It there is any official at State House who has worked hard to protect the name of the President, we believe it is Kaizer Zulu.


The altercation he reportedly had at some Hotel in Lusaka with some people is neither here nor there.
We have reliable information that the same cartel members are the one that pushed the allegedly victim to press ahead with the police action.
By wishing to hand him to dry, his sworn enemies are again confirming that they have personal vendetta against Mr Zulu which has nothing to do with his competences or lack of to hold the position he currently holds.
We wish to take this opportunity to appeal to President Lungu not to listen to those wishing to see Mr Zulu fired or cast aside.
We are pleased that President Lungu has so far exhibited rare leadership traits and skills that show that he is a tactful and wise leader who takes time before he acts.
On the case of Mr Zulu, President Lungu knows that he can always count on him even when the chips are down.
As we head towards 2016, our humble advice to Mr Zulu is that the recent events should make him open up his eyes to see who his true friends are. What we know is that his enemies are always sharpening their knives in readiness for 2016 where serious butchering of characters is likely to take place.
He should always stay ahead of the cartel by carefully choosing his friends and confidants.
We also wish to appeal to young Zambians to start appreciating fellow young people in leadership positions. Let us start celebrating youth leadership regardless of political, tribal or indeed racial differences.
Mr Zulu is an emerging youthful public official whose experience will be valuable to the future leadership of this great country. We should be encouraging him to serve the nation diligently rather than demonising him.
This is the same reason why the older generation of leaders is always laughing at us because they know that we are so fragmented and we cannot support one another.
Our Independence era politicians were so united and until this day, they have always supported one another. As young leaders, let us take a leaf if we are to see the development of youth leadership.