I am being framed-Hapunda

Brian Hapunda
Brian Hapunda

BRIAN Hapunda has denied being involved in the voice recording in which he is alleged to have accused President Edgar Lungu’s aides of corruption and complained that he is being framed by people who want to have him hounded out of the ruling party.

He said the recorded voice was not his and that those who knew him would be able to tell that the voice was nothing but an imitation.
Mr Hapunda who is Patriotic Front (PF) member is also alleged in the recording that President Lungu had ordered PF cadres to shut the office of party secretary general Davis Chama because he (Chama) had fallen out of favour.
In the same recording Hapunda is alleged to have accused State House Permanent Secretary Emmanuel Chilubanama of receiving bribes from contractors. In addition the recording gives details how Special Assistant Kaizer Zulu was forced to disembark from the aircraft on which the Presidential delegation was travelling to New York.



He is also recorded to have requested for the story to be leaked to the Zambian Watchdog.
Mr. Hapunda complained that there were people within the ruling party who had always wanted to have him hounded out of the party.
Asked for comment Mr. Chilubanama said he did not want to comment on the matter and told the author that it was the job of the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) to find out and investigate the allegations.
“I do not want to comment on what Mr. Hapunda has said and if you want, talk to him (Hapunda) who has such information,” Mr. Chilubanama said.
And asked for comment Party Secretary General Davies Chama, who according to the recording was supposed to be locked out of his office for embarrassing the President, said it was not true that President Edgar Lungu had ordered party cadres to lock up his office on account that he had allegedly fallen out of favour.
Mr Chama told the Sunday Nation President Lungu as head of the PF did not need to use cadres to fire him and it was therefore erroneous for Mr. Hapunda to insinuate that the Head of State had ordered that his office should be shut.
Mr Chama disclosed that Mr. Hapunda called him to exonerate himself but the PF chief executive said it was difficult to believe him as the voice sounded exactly like that of Mr. Hapunda.
“Mr Hapunda called me soon after his voice went viral on social media and told me that some people were framing him. He denied having said anything against me, Mr Chilubanama or Mr Kaizer Zulu, the presidential political advisor. Anyway, there are always those who betray others and I am not surprised because I fired him,” Mr Chama said.
“I wish to categorically put this on record that it is indeed not my voice that is in that concocted voice play back and that I was not in Lusaka at the time the President was leaving the Country for the United States of America on National Duty. How then would I have known of what transpired to my brother Kaiza Zulu as regards his not being able to accompany the President on this trip and other details?”Mr Hapunda said.