Hubby’s girlfriend bashes wife for confronting her

Judge Mallet; Hammer
Judge Mallet; Hammer

A HOUSEWIFE of Pamodzi Overspill in Ndola told a magistrate’s court that she was whipped by her husband’s alleged lover when she confronted her upon spotting her with her spouse in the night.
The housewife was testifying against Edna Gondwe, 38, of no fixed abode, who has been found with a case to answer for allegedly assaulting Mary Katebe, 40.
Gondwe, who appeared before magistrate Bubala Sikalunda, is alleged to have assaulted Ms Katebe on September 4, this year, in Ndola.
Ms Katebe testified that she had on several occasions warned Gondwe against flirting with her husband but she allegedly did not heed her advice.
She said on the material day, around 19.00 hours, she was infuriated to find Gondwe with her husband and they exchanged words. However, during the altercation, the accused picked a stick and whipped the complainant on the back and right arm and that she sustained injuries.


“Your honour, my daughter and I went to Overspill Market, only to see the accused with my husband, despite me warning her several times to stop going out with my husband,” Ms Katebe said.
But in cross-examination, Gondwe denied assaulting Ms Katebe and wondered if it was possible for her to flirt with another woman’s husband for four months when she, too, was married.
In response, Ms Katebe charged that Gondwe had a habit of telling people that she was not married.
Magistrate Sikalunda found the accused with a case to answer and put her on defence.
“At the close of the prosecution case, I find that a prima facie case has been established against the accused. I find her with a case to answer and I hereby place her on her defence,” Ms Sikalunda said.
Gondwe opted to give unsworn evidence and offered to bring two witnesses, including the complainant’s husband.
Earlier, the two women got engaged in a heated argument, prompting Ms Sikalunda to warn them against quarrelling in court.
“Stop quarreling here. You should go outside if you want to quarrel,” Ms Sikalunda said.