Sexually starved husband seeks redress

Divorce Court

A TWENTY-NINE-YEAR-OLD man of Jack Township in Lusaka has told the Kanyama
local court that his wife has been denying him sex for eight months and suspects that she has been sleeping with his former business partner.
Fred Njovu, 29, told the court that his wife, Clara Sakala, 26, a Jehovah’s Witness of Garden House Township, started giving unaccountable excuses whenever he requested to have sex with her.
Njovu further said Sakala was fond of coming home late and that he had even started cooking for her instead of the other way round.
Njovu said he suspected that his wife wanted to leave him as he was financially unstable owing to his poorly-performing business and assumed that she was having an affair with his business associate.
“The man with a Canter truck whom I was doing business with started seeing her secretly. One day when I found him at my place with her, he pretended as if he wanted to collect a debt from her,” Njovu said.
Njovu said he would not want to lose his wife as he had already lost his property after the landlord confiscated some of his belongings for failing to pay for rentals.
This was in a case in which Sakala sued Njovu for divorce for not controlling his family members from destabilising the matrimonial home.

Facts before the court were that the two got married on November 19, 2011 after Njovu paid K2,000 out of K6,000 dowry and they had one child together.
Sakala insisted that she wanted divorce as she was tired of her in-laws’ interference in her marriage just because they had given the couple a house to live in at some point.
“His sister insulted me that I was wasting electricity. Even her parents were in support but he (Njovu) seemed to support them just because they had given us a house to live in,” Sakala said.
Sakala said she had at some point ventured into a business of selling goats at Kasumbalesa border but her husband did not seem to be in support.
In passing judgment, magistrates Daniel Phiri, Ackim Phiri and Serah Nyendwa granted the couple divorce upon observing that there was no sex and Sakala was not interested to continue being Njovu’s wife.
The court, however, did not compensate Sakala as it believed she was the cause of the marital problems but ordered Njovu to be maintaining the child with K400 every month.

Times of Zambia