Nawakwi doubts energy sector will grow under PF

Edith Nawakwi launches FDD 2015 Presidential campaign
Edith Nawakwi launches FDD 2015 Presidential campaign

Opposition FDD president Edith Nawakwi says she is still doubtful the PF government has the capacity to effectively manage Zambia’s energy sector.

Ms Nawakwi, who is also Former Energy minister, thinks that the PF government lacks planning strategies that can grow the country’s energy sector.

She has also regretted that ZESCO is currently not operating efficiently.

Ms. Nawakwi believes that the country’s only power utility stopped operating efficiently after the Rupiah Banda led MMD government fired qualified engineers for allegedly political reasons.

She has wondered how the Copperbelt Energy Corporation (CEC) is managing its operations better than ZESCO which is the Country’s only power utility company.

And Ms. Nawakwi has accused the PF government of not applying the support from experts on economic issues to help solve the country’s challenges.

He notes that government is failing to take advantage of the advice which experts from the international community and local stakeholders rendering, on purpose.



  1. Talk Abt Fdd, Wat Will You Do, If Elected Famale Drop Diva Party. Pf Has Done Enough 2 Develop This Great Nation,