Dirty pants hinder reconciliation

Court divorce lusakavoice.com 2014
Court divorce lusakavoice.com 2014

A TEACHER of Lusaka’s Garden House Township stirred laughter in a fully-packed Matero local court when he said his wife refuses to wash his pants, saying they are always soiled.
Edrister Katongo, 26, further disclosed that his wife had also accused him of being impotent because of his short manhood.
This was a case in which Susan Katongo, 21, sued Edrister for marriage reconciliation after the two failed to resolve their marital disputes.
The court heard that the two got married in 2012 and had two children together, while problems in their marriage started shortly after the two tied the knot.
Edrister told the court that although the two had children, his wife had been accusing him of being impotent.
“My wife tells me that I have a short manhood, hence I am incapable of having children. I now wonder who the father of the two children is,” Edrister said.
He said from the time the two got married, his wife had totally refused to wash his pants as she was disgusted by the thought of it.

“She tells me that whenever she attempts to wash my underwear she feels like vomiting because she always finds dirt on them,” he said.
Edrister said his wife had no respect for him and that she used to insult him at will in front of other people.
“Despite everything that my wife has done to me, I still love her and I am willing to start our lives afresh,” he said.

In her statement, Susan told the court that her husband never used to support the family as he spent all his money on beer and prostitutes.
Susan further said her husband was so violent that he used to beat her until she became unconscious whenever he was drunk.
“The only significant thing that my husband does best is to beat me up and starve the whole family,” she said.
Susan said further that she told her husband that he was impotent because he refused to support their two children.
“I am tired of staying with this man. In fact I don’t want reconciliation, just grant us divorce so that we can both live our separate lives,” she said.
Magistrate Pauline Newa, sitting with Lewis Mumba, failed to reconcile the two as Susan opted for divorce.
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  1. the story is interesting,some women che,so why did she marry him if she saw he had a short manhood,:) that does not count so long he has bullets.

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