Court warns randy hubby

Divorce Court
Divorce Court

A LOCAL court magistrate has warned a 26-year-old married man of Lusaka against having multiple girlfriends as that will lead to his downfall and that he will live to regret for the rest of his life.
Kanyama local court magistrate Daniel Phiri, sitting with Serah Nyendwa and Ackim Phiri, said it was shameful for Maxwell Nyoni, 26, a Seventh Day Adventist of Kanyama Township, to start piling girlfriends and yet he was married.
Magistrate Phiri strongly warned Nyoni to be careful with women if he did not want to fall in life.
This was a case in which Nyoni’s wife, Brenda Machilina, 24, of Makeni Villa, also an Adventist, sued him for divorce, citing his promiscuous behaviour.
Facts before the court were that the two got married in 2012 after Nyoni paid K1,500 of the K7,000 charged as bridal price and had a child together.
Marital problems started shortly after marriage when Machilina got pregnant as Nyoni started sleeping out.

“One day, he locked the door so that I should not enter the house but luckily enough the landlord gave me extra keys. He later told me to stop washing for him and perform any work that a woman is supposed to do at home,” Machilina said.
Machilina said she had reached a point of taking her husband to the Police Victim Support Unit (VSU) from within the township after the church failed to reconcile the couple.
Nyoni in defence attributed his actions to his wife’s mistreatment of his first-born child he had with another woman who was present in court, adding that Machilina forced him to stop supporting the child in question.
The court granted the couple divorce, with magistrate Phiri ordering Nyoni to pay Machilina K10,000 starting with K1,000 and then K300 monthly.
“Share your property but ensure that you also pay K200 for child maintenance,” magistrate Phiri said.

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