President Lungu tackles poverty at UN summit


President Edgar Lungu says government is still alive to the fact there can be no meaningful development if citizens remain in abject poverty and hunger.

President Lungu says this is why government is committed to the implementation of various social protection programmes such as the social cash transfers scheme, women and youth empowerment programmes, the food security pack as well as the farmer input support programmes.

He says it is these programme that government is confident will ensure that vulnerable citizens are protected from extreme risks and shocks, food insecurity at household level.

President Lungu notes that government is also promoting crop diversification in the agriculture sector.

He says social protection is therefore a powerful tool that government believes can be used to reduce poverty and hunger, improve food security at household level and reduce malnutrition.

The President states that this is especially that social protection also empowers households and contributes significantly to human capital formation and human development.

He believes that such programmes with improved targeting efficiencies further have the potential to reduce the inequality gap the more reason why there is need for more investment in these programmes with improved accountability and transparency.

President Lungu notes that it is thus the intention of government to develop and implement an integrated management information system and a single registry of beneficiaries for social protection programmes.

He is of the view that poverty can only be eliminated deliberate measures are put in place to address the challenges of realizing broad-based pro-poor growth, improve quality human capital, generate full and productive employment and decent work for all, particularly for the youths and women.

President Lungu said this when he delivered a speech on interventions to end poverty and hunger at the UN post 2015 Summit in New York.