When your sister becomes worst nightmare

Divorce Court

NEVER in the world did she ever think her younger sister would turn out to be her worst nightmare.
From her heart breaking experience she has become cold towards the plight of her relatives including her siblings who she convincingly felt had her interests at heart.
This is a story of a Lusaka woman whose husband has turned against her in preference for her younger sister. Maybe, she says, the pain would not have been so immense if the other woman was someone she did not know.
Seeing that their mother was barely managing to send her younger sister to school, Prudence (not real name) decided to take her younger sister in and assured her mother that she would ensure that the sister attained an education.
To Prudence, having her younger sister was a plus because the children also enjoyed having their aunt around.
Prudence also felt comfortable working over the weekends, knowing that the nanny was under the watchful eye of her ‘trusted’ sister.
She worked with a free mind, though this was not for long.


Apparently, some friends and relatives had started observing how familiar Prudence’s younger sister and her brother-in-law were becoming.
However, when one them courageously advised Prudence to watch her sister, she dismissed it, saying her husband was a good man who had taken the younger sister as his own child.
Realising that no amount of advice would make Prudence take action against the relationship that was building up, everyone else chose to watch from a distance until such a time Prudence found out what was going on right under her nose.
It was indeed under her nose that she found out as she caught her husband and her sister in a compromising mood in the early hours of one morning.
She woke up and found her husband was not beside her in the bedroom, only to find him in her sister’s bedroom.
Prudence was devastated and moved out. In no time, the family convinced her to move back for the sake of the children, which she painfully did.
The unfortunate part is the relationship between her husband and her sister has not ended. With no remorse, the husband tells her that since she knows about the relationship, there was no longer need for secrecy.
When she complains he abuses her verbally and physically. Even Prudence’s sister shows no remorse for her actions and claims it is not her fault that the husband preferred her to Prudence because she was always ‘tied up’.
Prudence no longer even has the authority to send her sister packing because her husband does not entertain the idea. She has spoken to her relatives about how her husband has degraded her but they insist she hangs on as the man the two sisters are fighting for belongs to Prudence.
The family has also advised her that she will have no one to blame if her children end up suffering because she wants to place her emotions above anything else.
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