UPND to have first MP in Northern province – GBM

Patrick Mucheleka
Patrick Mucheleka

Opposition UPND Vice president Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba says his party will have the first Member of Parliament in Northern province in the name of Patrick Mucheleka.


Giving his observations of the campaigns ahead of the Lubansenshi by-election, Mwamba said the victory will mark the party’s taking control of Northern province.

Below is the full statement:

As we wind up our campaigns for Lubansenshi I wish to share my observations on the general scene here.

The campaigns are relatively violent free except for a few incidents where the PF realising that to win the constituency is impossible have resorted to intimidating people including beating our supporters in our camps whilst clad in UPND regalia.

We are confident beyond measure that we have the seat in the bag and come Tuesday Patrick Mucheleka will be attending parliament, as MP for Lubansenshi under the United Party for National Development.

Unfortunately the PF candidate may be a tail ender as there is a possibility that the other candidates from other parties and the independent may fair better.

The people of Luwingu are principled and have impressed me with their resolve to right a wrong and not be taken for granted.

What we politicians ought to realise is that the power lies with the poor villagers and folks in these areas and tomorrow they will surely exercise that power.

To us in the UPND, tomorrow we give birth to our first born in Northern Province and the beginning of total take over of the region.

The PF now realise that they have no hold any.longer in this region and we are aware of all their schemes to shy away from this embarrassment of a humiliating defeat.

So if reports that they have dispatched hooligans to come and intimidate voters are true, the Luwingu people are ready for you and prepared to protect their right to vote. So be for warned that this is a unique election with unique characteristics.

What happened in Mulobezi won’t be entertained by Lubansenshi voters and there are not so many exits out of Luwingu.


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