THE Patriotic Front (PF) is shocked with its Nkana Member of Parliament Luxon Kazabu who yesterday joined the United Party for National Development (UPND) in bailing out its cadres who were arrested along with Chongwe Member of Parliament Sylvia Masebo for conducting an illegal political procession.
PF secretary general Davis Chama said Mr Kazabu had exposed himself for who he truly was by helping the UPND cadres be released from police custody by joining the UPND MPs in signing bonds for the suspects.
Mr Chama has challenged Mr Kazabu to openly declare his loyalty to the opposition political party instead of using the name of PF to conduct political activities for the UPND.
Mr Chama said the decision by Mr Kazabu to stand as a guarantor for the law breaking UPND cadres expressively showed his allegiance to the opposition political party.
He said all those thinking the PF was a sinking ship and wanted to jump were free to do so stating that the PF had adequate human resource and would therefore not run after traitors,
“This is actually surprising, but again it is revealing his true colours and his allegiance to the opposition party. If he (Kazabu) can go to sign bail for the law breaking UPND cadres, he is just trying to expose himself for who he truly is. Let him go,” Mr Chama said.
Mr Chama was commenting on the decision by the PF Nkana law maker who yesterday volunteered to be a sponsor of one of the 17 UPND cadres who were arrested last week for public misconduct.


The 17 UPND cadres were arrested by police last week along with Chongwe MP Sylvia Masebo after conducting an illegal procession along Independence Avenue soon after Ms Masebo appeared at the Magistrate court on charges of abuse of authority of office.
The cadres were each given K5000 bail with two working sureties, and several MPs including UPND’s Kaoma Central MP Carlos Antonio, Villie Lombanya of Solwezi East and their Sesheke counterpart Sianga Siyauya.
PF Nkana Parliamentarian Luxon Kazabu joined the UPND MPs in signing for the release of the 17 cadres.
The cadres have been charged with unlawful procession after they attempted to walk from the Magistrate Courts in Kabwata to Ibex Hill through Independence Avenue in solidarity with the Chongwe law maker after attending her court session in a matter before the Magistrates Court.
Mr Chama said the PF would carry out investigations to understand what could have compelled Mr Kazabu to join the UPND MPs in bailing out its cadres.
Mr Chama said he was reluctant to comment further on the matter but would rather wait for next year to see who would be a true and patriotic member of the ruling party.
Yesterday, 17 UPND cadres arrested along side Ms Masebo were granted bail and released from custody pending court hearing next week.