WOMEN must balance church activities with being a wife -Pastor


WOMEN should balance church activities with being a wife and mother, says a Livingstone-based clergy.
Pentecostal Assemblies of God Worship Expressions branch pastor Michael Zulu says some women have abandoned their roles in their homes because they are always attending inter-denomination prayer meetings.
“The problem is that prayer meetings usually take the whole day and some women neglect their roles as a mother and wife,” he said.
Speaking in an interview in Livingstone recently, pastor Zulu said there are economic and social factors affected by such activity imbalances by women.
“If you spend the whole day praying or attending to deliverance meetings daily, you lose some productive time to use for economic development for your family,” he said.


He said women must know that they can pray while working at home or work place without losing their productive time.
Pastor Zulu wondered how women could be productive if they spent most of their time in prayer meetings.
“Women can even pray while in their homes or doing some economic activity,” he said.
He wondered how financial growth can be achieved if the whole day is taken up by prayer only.
Pastor Zulu said the Bible emphasises the manner of worship and not the place of worship, adding that women must not be cheated that breakthrough comes from spending long hours at church.
He said lack of proper time management by women in balancing their home and church duties has negatively affected families.
“The bottom line is that women must learn how to manage their time without depriving any aspect of their life,” he said.