I stole a baby, my husband demanded one-Kitwe woman

Judge Mallet; Hammer
Judge Mallet; Hammer

A 42-YEAR-OLD woman of Kitwe’s Kawama township has pleaded guilty to stealing a one-month-old baby saying she wanted to save her marriage from breaking up.
When the matter came up for plea yesterday before senior resident magistrate Daniel Musonda, Violet Siniza pleaded guilty to one count of child stealing.
Siniza told the court that she stole the child because she had lied to her husband that she was pregnant.
She said after having one child with her husband, she secretly put herself on contraceptives for 10 years, and when he wanted another child, she faked a pregnancy.
“Your honour, I understand the charge and I plead guilty. I stole the baby because I could not bear a child for my husband and he was demanding one. I lied to my husband that I was pregnant and I stole the child so that I could save my marriage. I had no intentions of hurting it, but I wanted to take care of it like my own,” she said.
Siniza, on January 30, this year, with intent to deprive Ernest Mwansa of a child, stole the child who is under the age of 16 years.
The case was adjourned to today for possible sentencing.