Chisamba land scam exposed

Chisamba land

Republican President Edgar Lungu has been called upon to give direction to the newly created Chisamba District Council, and provide a framework for smooth transfer of functions and responsibilities from old establishments ton new councils.
Governance Activist Isaac Mwanza in a statement to QFM News says this is aimed at avoiding land scams where local authorities displace indigenous settlers in favour of foreign entities and people with money, as the case is in Kamaila Suburbs of Katuba Constituency.
Mr. Mwanza has warned of a looming displacement of indigenous settlers in some parts of Katuba Constituency in favor of many foreign nationals who have applied for land following the recent advertisement for plots by Chisamba District Council.
He says there is need for Government through the Ministries of Local Government and Lands to quickly intervene.


Mr Mwanza adds that President Lungu should also realize the problems that stem from unplanned creation of Districts and smooth transfer of functions as was the case when late President Sata created Chisamba District.
Mr. Mwanza says he is aware of a subtle conflict that has arisen between Chibombo District Council and the newly created Chisamba District over jurisdiction with Chisamba District getting determined to flush out locals who, for decades, settled in Kamaila Block in favour of listed down applicants, most of whom are foreign nationals.
He has since called on area Member of Parliament Jonas Shakafuswa to stand with his people by bringing the matter to the attention of the Minister of Local Government.