Lungu is best for PF not Zambia-UPND

President Lungu
President Lungu

President Edgar Lungu is best for the Patriotic Front and not Zambia. It is a fact that there have been no economic gains under the PF leadership if anything PF has reversed all the economic development gains the country undertook under UNIP and MMD.
UPND has observed that the PF;s populist policies and expenditure made in parliament by President Lungu do not match its revenue base. They are just meant for political appeasement. Zambians are looking for solutions to load shedding and the ever increasing economic hardships. Change is inevitable next year because PF has left it too late. Voting for PF in the next five years will mean voluntary suicide.
Zambians deserve a better government next year. This is not the time to create jobs for friends we have no leadership in this country at the moment and President Lungu is failing to provide that leadership. What is happening now is a very clear indictment on the quality of leadership.
Zambians have a President in name only. How do you explain the creation of new Ministries at a time when we are supposed to minimize on the country expenditure. We already have a bloated government of 60 Ministers and 60% of our National budget is meant for salaries of government officials and constitution holders.
The President then creates new Ministries. The timing is wrong, President Lungu should have waited for growth in the economy. We don’t have money to sustain these new Ministries. Yes it was a nicely cut and pasted speech but impossible to implement. Under normal situation it sounds like a good speech but we are in an abnormal deeping economic crisis that calls for discipline and creating new Ministries comes with a huge cost.


Any way PF has run its race, it’s time to put into state house quality leadership. it’s time for change. PF should start preparing for exist. Indeed ifintu ni Lungu but the President is Hakainde Hichilema for 2016
Edwin Lifwekelo
UPND Deputy


  1. Ecl Is The Best 4 Zambia, Pf And Hh Is Good In Pravataizetion, Hh He Is Not Even Beta 2 Be A President Of Unknown Political Party,