He exposes his private parts to our kids — wife

Court divorce lusakavoice.com 2014
Court divorce lusakavoice.com 2014

ABOMINATION has occurred in the family as 52-year-old Lusaka man resorts to exposing his private parts in full view of his children.
Bertha Chanda of John Laing Township further told the Kanyama local court that her 52-year-old husband John Manjimela of the same area was also in a habit of urinating in the house and outside when drunk in the presence of the children and neighbours.
This was a case in which Chanda, who has been married to Manjimela for 32 years, sued for reconciliation.
Chanda told the court that the two have four children together but that Manjimela boasted of having other children with girlfriends whenever he was drunk.
According to Chanda, her husband had lost morals and was fond of insulting her everytime he got drunk and that he was a brutal man who never cared about the family’s well-being.
“This pant here, he is the one who tore it and this panga is the one he wanted to slice me with,” Chanda said as she produced the items in court as evidence.
She said there was a time when her husband wanted to defecate in the house after taking assorted beer instead of attending to the call of nature in the pit latrine outside but was only stopped by a “Good
Samaritan” who threatened to beat him if he went ahead.

“Two days ago he almost beat me after unleashing insults at me.
Tenants do not even sleep when he gets drunk. I am worried that he may kill me one day for I normally blackout,” Chanda said.
She disclosed also that there was a time when Manjimela ordered the whole family to spend nights in the poultry house.
In his defence, Manjimela said he was surprised that his wife was blaming him when her 41-year-old relative defecated in the matrimonial home at noon recently.
Manjimela disputed taking sachet spirits popularly known as Tujilijili, Junta and other types of beer but that he preferred opaque, which he said made him love his wife more.
In passing judgment, Magistrates Ackim Phiri, Daniel Phiri and Serah Nyendwa failed to reconcile the two but urged Chanda to sue for divorce if her husband continued misbehaving.
“You old man, 50 years is not a joke. You must change. Can’t you see that she is sick? So if he continues with this behavior sue him for divorce,” Phiri said.
Magistrate Phiri ordered Manjimela to desist from portraying shameful behavior as his age did not allow him to do so.


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