Government signs a $200m digital migration project contract

digital migration project
digital migration project

Government has signed a contract for the second and third phase of the digital migration project.


The contract with STAR Software Technology Company follows the completion of phase one.


Information and Broadcasting Permanent Secretary Godfrey Malama says The second and third phase of the digital migration contract is worth over $200 Million.


Mr. Malama says the contract will also see the construction of 6 provincial broadcasting stations to ensure comprehensive coverage of the whole Country.


He adds that ZNBC and ZANIS studios will also be rehabilitated.


Mr. Malama says over 500 direct and 2000 indirect jobs will be created as ZNBC will need a lot of content to run new channels.


Mr. Malama has since urged the youth to produce enough content to realize their creative dreams.


And Star Times Eastern Africa Region Chief Representative Ken Xie says his company is confident of implementing the contract to the highest standard.