Mutesa tips MPs

Dr. Fredrick Mutesa

Members of Parliament have been called upon to take a non partisan stance when debating issues of national importance as Parliament resumes sitting tomorrow.
Zambians for Empowerment and Development (ZED) President Fredrick Mutesa says his party is particularly looking forward to seeing how Parliamentarians will debate the Constitution Bills.
Dr. Mutesa says his party is interested in seeing that Zambia makes progress on the burning issue of enacting the new constitution.



He states that his party reiterates its support to the path government has taken to adopt non contentious issues of the draft constitution through Parliament.
He has told Qfm News that this is because his party believes that the Parliamentary route is the best at the moment given the resource component that is involved.
Dr. Mutesa states that ZED however, expects that there will be no debate in the House to make any changes to the contents of the final draft constitution as produced by the Technical Committee.
He says Parliament should only assent to what is contained in the draft constitution.