Man escapes from Mpima prison to stop people from selling his farm

Judge Mallet; Hammer
Judge Mallet; Hammer

A 25-YEAR-OLD prisoner serving a two-year sentence has been slapped with another twenty-four month jail sentence for escaping from Mpima Remand Prison.
Magistrate Chimuka Mutafela told Jonathan Muchema that it was wrong for him to escape from lawful custody.
Muchema, who appeared before Mr Mutafela last Thursday, admitted that he escaped from custody to stop his grandparents from selling his farm, but that he was sorry for actions.


“When I received information that my grandparents were selling my farm, I realised that I will have nowhere to stay after I am released from prison,” he said.
In mitigation, Muchema pleaded for leniency.
In sentencing the convict, Mr Mutafela told him that the offence he had committed carried a maximum sentence of three years.
“I will exercise my leniency and I will send you to jail for two years with hard labour,” he said.