I picked Nakachinda from the streets, he must shut up-Lusambo

Bowman Lusambo
Bowman Lusambo with daughter

MMD National Youth Secretary Bowman Lusambo has taken a swipe at his party spokesperson Raphael Nakachinda for peddling malicious lies about him in the media.

This comes after Nakachinda advised the media to stop entertaining Lusambo saying the party was in doubt of his activities.

An evidently angry Lusambo dismissed the claim, “Nakachinda is just trying to frustrate my ambitions of wanting to contest the party’s position of Vice President-Political. MMD is a democratic party and we should not stand in the way of someone’s progress. It is my vision that one day l will to rule Zambia one day. My quest to be MMD vice president political is non negotiable and unstoppable.


” This person doesn’t  even know the bedroom of MMD, he has just been with the party for 8 months now. He should go back to Kafue where he abandoned his church. Instead of staying at the station and preaching the word to congregates, he is busy attacking innocent people and forgetting that I took him from the streets,” Lusambo told Lusaka Voice





  1. That does not mean he should not have a say to anything in the party. You picked him because you believed he can add value to the Party not to be a bootlicker to you. This is the morality that is lucking in Zambian politics. Is this what you learnt from Malema? How can you grow politically if you do not want to be opposed?