Sylvia Masebo arrested, dares police to shoot her

Sylvia Masebo
CHONGWE Member of Parliament Sylvia Masebo gestures to police officers at Woodlands Police Station in Lusaka yesterday. Picture by CHUSA SICHONE

POLICE in Lusaka have arrested and charged Chongwe PF Member of Parliament (MP) Sylvia Masebo with unlawful procession.
However, in the middle of the police formalities, Ms Masebo stormed out of the investigations room at Woodlands Police Station but the police thwarted her plans to abandon the investigations as she was re-arrested and bundled in a police vehicle.
Ms Masebo claimed, when she stormed out of the police station in the presence of her lawyers Robert Simeza and United Party for National Development (UPND) lawyer Jack Mwiimbu that she was going home to collect her drugs.
While crying as she walked towards Saint Mary’s Secondary School to her house in Ibex Hill, she dared the police to shoot her.

Lusaka Province Police Commissioner Charity Katanga said no one was working under instructions to have Ms Masebo arrested but her own conduct caused her arrest.
Ms Katanga, who said Ms Masebo’s standing in society did not make her special, told journalists in an interview that she (Ms Masebo) would be slapped with a second offence of escaping from  lawful custody.
After her court session at Lusaka magistrates’ court yesterday, Ms Masebo took to the street with a group of cadres whom she invited to ‘walk’ her from the court to her house in Ibex Hill claiming she had run out of fuel.
She connected with the cadres who were carrying various placards denouncing the Government through Nationalist Road before joining Independence Avenue towards State House.

The would-be long walk was, however, cut short when Ms Masebo, the former Tourism and Arts minister together with her horde of cadres, were intercepted by a group of police officers led by Ms Katanga at Chinese Chang Shun Restaurant.
The more than 50 cadres scampered in all directions at the first firing of a tear gas canister by the police who intercepted them from the opposite direction.
Police managed to apprehend Ms Masebo and two cadres who had stood by her side despite orders by the police to disperse.
Ms Katanga confronted Ms Masebo who demanded to know what she was doing but she responded, “I am walking home‎ because I have run out of fuel.”
Ms Katanga directed her to the police motor vehicle that had parked on the walkway.

Upon entering the vehicle, Ms Masebo pointed fingers at Ms Katanga saying, “I have just been hearing, so it’s true you behave like the Inspector General of Police, you will see.”
But Ms Katanga told her, “Let us just go, we will talk where we are going,” before they drove to Woodlands Police Station.
Meanwhile, four other UPND cadres were jointly charged with Ms Masebo for unlawful procession while 20 others are yet to be charged. The Chongwe lawmaker faced another charge of escaping from lawful custody.
Earlier, the Lusaka magistrates’ court yesterday declined to adjourn to September 24, 2015 a matter where Ms Masebo is charged with two counts of abuse of authority of office.
Magistrate Irene Wishimanga instead ordered that trial continues today. This is in a matter involving the cancelation of the procurement tender process of the Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) and alleged termination of contracts of some ZAWA senior officers without following disciplinary procedure.




  1. People,don’t just talk for sake being head.Masebo, is one of the cartel,a manority,crooks and dengerous criminals who wants to rule this country indirectly.Rupia Banda knows them very well no wonder this cartel is busy blaming EL for bringing RB close bcoz they know that RB will expose them.Edgar lungu,hammer the cartel so that they bcome brok.First,hammer their leader me’mbe,matan and nchito coz insoka pakufwa,nikumutwe.masebo is one of them.

  2. Don’t just blame lungu,RB and the police over masebo’s stupidity.People,if you really follow zambian politics,Masebo is not a politician zambian pipo or rather chongwe pipo should bank on.Look at hapend when she was in RP.when Mwanawasa bcame the president,she ditched B.Y Mwila and told the nation that mwila had no agenda for the country and joined MMD and the so called cartel led my fred me’mbe and winter kabimba was the one who introduced her to the cartel.Rupia Banda got wind of her sliperly movement and pin her to the conner and she left MMD 2 joine PF.she lost the 2011 election to Geofery mwakalombe who was MMD bcoz pipo of chongwe were fed up with her.she went to president sata pleading for him to convice senior chief mukamambo2 to convice mwakalombe to resign and be sent to mozambique as un ambosador so that she can have the chance to go back to the pipo of chongwe again.She now knows that chongwe pipo can not give her vote bcoz she has not done anything to improve the lives of the pipo of chongwe

  3. the govt should realise that there more important things to deal with economic wise,not this cheap an fruitless politicking.leave Sylvia alone n deal with the free falling kwacha’the pending laying off of workers ,the black outs among many other ills.nanga ni #masebowanyoko?

  4. Ha ha ha ha ha,failures in govt fearing the unknown. Katanga becoming an arresting officer,waiting for Libongani to come and arrest me when juniors can do it. From this time no junior officers should be arresting people, arrests have gone up to the Provincial Police Chief.

  5. the person to blame is lungu not innocent officers, their jst doing their job, under instruction

  6. In zambia everything is bad nd angry,the kwacha is down,machines are failing to take off some are crushing,this is ridiculous.

  7. lol she doesn’t know she will die if the shoot her dats common sense or maybe she lacks that kind of sense?????

  8. Sure, its a shame. A person who understands the law to behave like that. May the law take its course.