Reports of sidelining Yaluma not true – Chama

Christopher Yaluma - 2014-05-20
Christopher Yaluma - 2014-05-20

PF Secretary General Davies Chama has expressed ignorance over purported maneuvers to have Malole Member of Parliament Christopher Yaluma who is also Energy Minister sidelined over a recent article attributed to him in the Post Newspapers.
Commenting on some media reports suggesting that the ruling party on Sunday held a hearing in Solwezi in Mr. Yaluma’s absence during which it was decided that he be overlooked for adoption in the 2016 General Election, Mr. Chama has told Qfm News by telephone that he is not aware of any pseudo court that was held in Solwezi in a bid to expel Mr. Yaluma from the party.



Mr. Chama says he has been busy in the field campaigning and that he is not in fact privy to what is happening in Lusaka.
He notes that Mr. Yaluma did however call him on Sunday and denied saying what he was quoted as saying in the Post.
Mr. Chama states that Mr. Yaluma went further to inform him that he had in fact called the Post and bitterly complained that he was quoted wrongly.