Police hunt fake PF official

Zambia Police
Zambia Police

PATRIOTIC Front (PF) officials in Kapiri Mposhi have reported to police a man for impersonating a branch youth chairperson.

Kapiri Mposhi Central ward chairperson Simon Musonda told the Daily Mail in a telephone interview yesterday that the party leadership is shocked that Kelvin Pepala could falsely claim to be a party official when he is not.


“This man is an imposter who doesn’t even exist in our registers. Our youths are actually looking for him because he insulted President Lungu’s leadership and claimed he was a PF ward leader,” Mr Musonda said.
He said investigations by the party have so far indicated that a named party official used Mr Pepala to “assault” the integrity and credibility of the head of State.



“Our youths are actually helping the police to look for him so that he can explain which ward he is heading. Why has he gone into hiding if he is a genuine member of the PF?” Mr Musonda said.
And in another interview, Kapiri Central ward youth chairperson, Manyani Mwandila, said he is shocked that a person could have the courage to impersonate him.



“I don’t know this man and I have never met him. He is nowhere near us,” Mr Mwandila said.
He explained that it is disheartening and sickening that one could claim there is no development in Kapiri Mposhi when the development is visible for all to see.
A Mr Pepala was on Friday quoted in The Post newspaper making disparaging remarks against the PF and President Lungu.