Serena Williams Lost, and Her Fans Got Very Mad at Drake

Serena Williams


After Serena Williams’s hopes for a Grand Slam were dashed by an unseeded player at the United States Open on Friday, her fans decided to take their frustration out on Drake.

The rapper is rumored to be Ms. Williams’s love interest. He’s a surrogate family member, if you ask her, or nothing at all to her, if you ask his father, but her fans — and TMZ’s photographers — really seemed to want those two to happen (again). Over the past few weeks, fans (and TMZ) searched for any clues that the two may be an item.



It is impossible to say if Drake’s affections for Ms. Williams are the real thing — wasn’t that remix of the Weeknd’s “Tell Your Friends” about her, after all? — but to her protective supporters, the signs are there.

The blush of blossoming love gave way to a harsh, cruel reality the moment the Italian player Roberta Vinci beat Ms. Williams in a stunning upset in the Open semifinals. As fans (and TMZ) were left stunned as Ms. Williams quickly ducked out of the media’s gaze, they decided that someone must be punished. That someone was Drake. (TMZ called him a bad luck charm and a possible distraction.)