HH refuses to vacate Solwezi despite order

HH, GBM at Luanshya's Mikomfwa township

We just came out to refuel our vehicles and many thanks to Solwezi residents who keep supporting and mobbing us everywhere we go. We cannot leave this place on orders from anyone. So far we are aware of our huge responsibility of attending to the funeral of our Former Secretary General Winston Chibwe in Lusaka this weekend. And later proceed to Luwingu in Northern Province to campaign for our candidate for Lubansenshi Patrick Mucheleka


Enough of these undemocratic and dictatorial tendencies at a time the leadership must focused to serving jobs in mining and other sectors caused by massive power cuts and lack of economic skills.
We urge our dear brothers and sisters in security wings to only obey lawful commands from their superiors including Edgar Lungu.


We all have one country Zambia, and the peace we enjoy and cherish must not be taken for granted. It’s from these seemingly small incidents such as attempting to block our meetings across the country that we can create something that we may fail to quench.
Intimidation and oppression anywhere in the world has not worked as people’s anger eventually turn into something else. Threatening citizens and our supporters not to attend our meetings by firing live ammunition is dangerous for peaceful coexistence and national unity.
The current economic situation is bad enough and we must not create other situations that can cause political instability.


  1. What order coz everone know their z a by election going on and those pipo r they to drum up sapport and u know weather they move out or not the pipo wil not charge the fact that it Chipata Upnd

  2. Lungu has no vision,even though he go to solwezi he can’t win,people of solwezi are wise enough and they want HH not jermason,or HH does’nt go to solwezi has already won. So Mr president sir HH,don’t worry just leave solwezi you have already done the job,just go to mpulungu people want you there sir.

  3. He must leave solwezi,the president is goin there.why should hh be were the president is