‘The great escape’

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Two 5-year-old Russian boys staged their own version of “The Great Escape” from a kindergarten in the Urals, using spades to dig a tunnel.


Then, like Steve McQueen in the classic WWII movie, they went to get some getaway wheels, a Jaguar sports car. The boys mysteriously disappeared while on a supervised group walk in their hometown of Magnitogorsk, Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper reported.



Then the two walked for 2 kilometres to a car showroom, and told a female driver nearby that they were going to buy a Jaguar. The only hole in their escape plan? They didn’t have any money.
The woman put the boys in her car, and took the mischievous duo to the police. It turned out that the boys had been plotting their daring escape for days, digging a hole under the fence using their sandpit spades.



The kindergarten only noticed the boys were absent after they’d been gone for 30 minutes. Local authorities fired the supervisor responsible for looking after the kids, also giving a warning to the kindergarten’s director.


“This is considered a very serious violation,” the head of the pre-school department of Magnitogorsk, Olga Denisenko, told Komsomolskaya Pravda.

The boys’ parents haven’t filed a complaint against the kindergarten, and are said to be glad that no harm came to them. — RT.